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24/7 Internet Banking

Another step toward increased efficiency in your workplace—Internet Banking with Stonebridge Bank. Internet Banking gives you the ability to manage your cash flow easily and conveniently from any computer. Make banking transactions, check account activity and apply for most business accounts and services—24/7. It’s simple, straightforward and secure. Enjoy all these benefits online with your Stonebridge Bank business accounts:

  • Generate Real Time transactions—as if you were making them in person at a Bank branch
  • Access your accounts 24/7
  • Pay your bills online—and save checks, stamps and time
  • Transfer funds between accounts—with the click of a few computer keys
  • View your Bank transaction history and current account balances—to help you make smart business decisions
  • View images of both the front and back of checks—to verify payments and receipts
  • Stop payments online quickly and easily
  • ACH Capabilities (Direct Debit and Credit)—for fast and accurate accounting of customers’ credit and debit card purchases
  • Direct Deposit of payroll—to eliminate personnel costs and time
  • Collection of funds from your company’s branch locations—no matter where they are in the United States (Direct Debit)

Bill Payment

Streamline your business bill paying and save on postage and check costs. Sign up for FREE online Bill Pay with your Stonebridge business checking account, and you can electronically pay everyone from suppliers to subcontractors. Our Bill Pay Service lets you make payments to almost any individual or business within the United States, and you can even specify the bills to be paid automatically from your business account each month.

Additional Services

  • Wire Transfers—Stonebridge Bank can transfer funds from one financial institution to another, safely and quickly.
  • EFTPS Tax Payments—Our automatic system ensures accurate, timely tax payments.


Save time and eliminate unnecessary paperwork with our FREE e-Statement service. Each month you’ll receive an e-mail to notify you when your business account statements are ready to view online. You can download and save the statements on your computer—right into the appropriate business software files.

You must sign up for Business Online Banking to take advantage of this service.


At, we value your business and respect your right to privacy. We understand that the confidentiality and security of your account information and any information that personally identifies you are of utmost importance. We protect your information from unauthorized access by using established security standards. Information that may be collected is done so to administer customer accounts, provide exceptional service and offer the products and services that we believe will be of benefit to you.

When you bank online with, you are conducting your business over a secured server using encrypted transmissions. That means that financial information you send to and receive from us is not available on the Internet in a form that can be read. Your data is scrambled by a Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which is the Internet’s encryption security protocol standard. User ID’s and passwords are stored on our bank’s computer, isolated from the Internet.

Stonebridge Bank’s Web page should never be accessed from a link provided by a third party. It should only be accessed by typing into the Web browser or by using a “book mark” that directs the Web browser to the Stonebridge Bank’s Web site. Stonebridge Bank will never send an e-mail message that requests confidential information, such as account numbers, passwords, or PINs. You should immediately report any such requests by calling us directly at 1-800-807-1666.

For further information about the risks of phishing and identity theft, you may access the following valuable government information: