Stonebridge Bank

Text Banking FAQ

  1. What is Text Based Banking?
    Text Based Banking is a service we offer that allows you to quickly get account information sent to you by using the text-messaging feature of your mobile phone. If you have text messaging services with your wireless phone carrier, you can receive text messages from our text-based banking services by authorizing your phone with Stonebridge Bank.

  2. Is Text Based Banking Free?
    Yes, we offer free Text Based Banking Services. You may be subject to applicable fees from your wireless mobile phone carrier.

  3. How do I sign up for Text Based Banking?
    You must be an existing customer and enrolled in online banking.

    If you are currently a Stonebridge Bank website customer, please log into your online account, click on "Other Services", then click on text based banking.

    If you have existing account(s) and currently do not have online access, please click here to enroll your account(s) for online access.

    If you are not a current customer, please click here to complete an application to open a new account.

  4. Can I use multiple mobile devices to access Text Based Banking?
    Multiple phones may be used with the same Sign-On ID.

  5. Can I use one phone to access both personal and business accounts with multiple Sign-On IDís?
    No. To ensure proper security of all accounts, each unique Sign-On ID requires separate phones to be authorized.

  6. What if my Mobile number changes?
    Contact Stonebridge Bank Customer Service at 1-800-807-1666 to have your phone number de-authorized from text based banking.

    To enroll your new number, follow the instructions for signing up for text-based banking. We recommend that while logged into your online account, you send us a secure message to update your contact information.

  7. What if I lose my phone?
    Call Stonebridge Bank Customer Service at 1-800-807-1666 to de-authorize your phone. Contact your wireless phone carrier immediately to report a lost or stolen phone.