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About Online Security

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  1. Is my personal information secure?
    Yes. Stonebridge Bank understands that the confidentiality and security of your account information and personal information are of utmost importance. We protect your information from unauthorized access by using sophisticated security standards. Information that we collect is used only to service your account(s).

  2. What security measures are taken to protect my online account information?
    When you bank online with Stonebridge Bank, you are conducting your business over a secured server using encrypted transmissions. That means that financial information you send to and receive from us is not available on the Internet in a form that can be read. Your data is scrambled by a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). In addition to unique user IDs and passwords, Stonebridge Bank also uses two-factor authentication as a second layer of online protection.

  3. What is two-factor authentication?
    Two-factor authentication is an additional layer of security that provides a second verification of your online identity. Stonebridge Bank provides two options for two-factor authentication: The RSA SecurIDTM token and the Shared Secret method. The RSA SecurID™ token uses a token with a digital number that you must enter upon login. This number changes every 30 seconds. The Shared Secret is a randomly generated question that you will have to answer before login is complete. These are questions that only you will know the answer to.